When humansfeel threatened, thousands of years of our ancestors' history are instantly called into play within our bodies. All the threats our ancestors experienced are stored in our bodies to keep us safe. This is part of the genius of Life.  

What's interesting and helpful in understanding anger is that almost always angry responses  are rarely based on what is happening.  Rather they are 
remnants of  past experiences which haven't been resolved and blended into our lives in a way that feels safe and secure.

The goal of Hand Puppets and Walkabout is to help us find, understand and integrate these strong emotions which we call anger.  Anger is seldom about keeping us safe from actual danger.  Rather, anger in current day is a flashback to a time of real danger which we haven't escaped. 


Try this: remember a time in your life that you felt overwhelmed and became either helpless or angry.  If one doesn't pop up right away, take a moment and a breath and allow yourself to be open to feeling overwhelmed until you do remember.  We all have had these experiences and most of them become part of our healthy balance.  Walkabout and Hand Puppets are intended to help us rebalance old moments of shock and trauma. 

INTRO/Overview:  Walkabout and Hand Puppets

How they work to change old anger habits