Keeping peace in your family may mean protecting them from your angry thoughts and words. 

The challenge you face is changing a habit that started years ago when you were in danger,

feeling overwhelmed, unprotected. Finding and changing those times is the purpose of this website. 

Let's start by returning our awareness to the present. 

Here's a simple practice which helps to find and  resolve anger:  Right now think the word  'peace' and  breathe it in and out several times.  Close your eyes and give it a try.........







​​​ Did you notice the slight shift within your body? 

Click here for intro and overview

of two anger-healing exercises: 

              Walkabout and Hand Puppets 

This website is here to help you understand that you are the power of intention, and that you become what you choose to become...........including angry, peaceful or any other choice

With practice and courage you can recognize, understand  and heal your anger,  and return to bring peace to your family. 

What would you do?

Hand Puppets.

Try it again, let  yourself back into this moment of breathing peace.....

What if the intruder turned out to be you?  

The example above, of breathing a word intentionally, uses and demonstrates your creative nature.  If you watch and consider your thinking, you'll see that the choice of your emotional responses is up to you.

Take a look at two exercises designed to return you to feeling understanding and acceptance:   

If there were an angry  

 intruder in your home... 

​​​               You felt that movement because you chose it with one word. One word, one breath changes who you are.       

Click either of these for

in-depth explanation  of 

Walkabout and Hand Puppets

Try again....stop.....this time replace "peace" with a word you choose to describe you as an ideal dad....use that word with closed eyes and awareness of breathing in and out

.....notice the change within your body..........that was you becoming the experience of the very word you thought. 

Being your highest and best self means making choices in that direction.  Does anger keep you from your ideal family?